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Balance: a state of being, not a destination

Contemplate a time in your life where everything felt right, or balanced.

You likely felt a sense of calm. What elements within your space were in proper proportions to inflict this state? Career?

Family or relational dynamics? Health? Finances? Most of us who value our health, strive to create balance for this sake alone, then strive to sustain it.  We place high value on balance for the goodness it brings to our existence. Defining balance is not easy; we would prefer to simply source it and possess it, even at great costs.

For most of us, that feeling of being balanced never lasts quite long enough and often can be a struggle to regain once lost. Success in attaining balance lies in believing that balance is not a destination, but rather an ongoing quest of managing (or juggling) the moving elements in our lives that constantly shift and alter. Creating balance is an acquired skill, demanding attention. To nurture or sustain that great ‘feels right’ sensation, begin with a commitment.

Consider balance as a compilation of key choices.

For this exert, start small: choose three elements of balance you currently lack in your life (or wish to attract more of). For example:



Inner Peace

Once you’ve labeled the three aspects of balance that may be missing in your life, commit to them; write them down on a notecard and set it beside your bed so every day when you wake you will be reminded to incorporate them into your day. Meditate on them.


In order to achieve and maintain balance, these factors must become integrated into your day somehow. Add more elements as you gain confidence and success. Find solace in the fact that you can always trade out a ball for a different one, or set it aside temporarily, if required.

Throughout the course of your day, commit to doing one thing that exemplifies each of your chosen aspects. Perhaps spending ten minutes every day with your cat makes you happy. For health, take the fire exit stairs at the office instead of the elevator, or reduce the sugar and cream in your coffee or book that massage you’ve been denying yourself. If calling your mom once a week, or dropping off some canned goods at the drop-in center fulfills your inner peace, make it happen.

Start small and make it easy. It’s important to identify the enemies of balance: stress is a major distraction that will reduce your balance and could topple your entire system, if you are not aware or careful.

Peace & Calm

Finally, share your successes with others and give gratitude daily to them and yourself for your efforts. You may be surprised how your choices become easier to integrated into your lifestyle and easier to juggle, with room for more. Mastering the state of being balanced is not a destination, it is a choice to gift ourselves of that which brings us that sense of peaceful calm.


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