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Incense in Modern Day Living

Common Uses of Incense in Modern Day Living.

The flurry of activity associated with modern day living puts a great deal of pressure on the human body and mind.

This leaves most people with a feeling of tiredness, lack of inspiration and no energy to go after not only their bigger dreams but also the most basic everyday tasks. Humans are too busy to create enough time to look after themselves and in the process leave both the body and mind exhausted and intoxicated. When proper care is not taken, your body starts to feel like a vehicle that keeps moving but never getting any service.  The fortunate thing is that there is an answer to this challenge; the use of incense. Incense can be used in a number of settings.


Put the body at ease and support healing.

Whatever way you heal, if you accompany the therapy with the burning of incense, you will discover that the restorative process is greatly enhanced. It is common knowledge that incense has a way of helping to promote relaxation. It does this by opening the airwaves and reducing blood pressure. When the body is relaxed and the brain is at peace, the body has a better way to ward off disease and illness. When the mind is not at peace, the immune system gets under immense pressure and the body battles to keep healthy.


Naturally supplement yoga meditation

Burning incense is an effective way of creating a soothing atmosphere. You practice yoga meditation because you are looking for a way to detox your body and mind; not to intoxicate it further by breathing in artificial fumes. If you, however, feel that burning incense distracts your attention when practicing yoga meditation, you can always burn it in advance and put it out before you start your session.

 Accompany your requests

The use of incense dates back to ancient times where it has been used for both rituals and religious practices. It has been used to accompany invocations, prayers, and spells because there is a belief that the rising smoke takes your requests to their destinations where the gods receive and answer them. For this reason, incense has remained popular among different religions including Hinduism, Neopaganism, and Christianity.


Unwind the spring of life

Sometimes the demands made on your body and mind feel like a spring that keeps getting twisted until it is unable to take the strain anymore, leaving it with just two choices, to unwind or break. When you burn incense, you move to a different place from your current surroundings without you physically moving a single inch. The fragrances have a way of taking you out of a current situation where stress may be the order of the day to space where you can relive times and places that bring you tranquility and help you to unwind. 


Lift a burden through emotional release

When emotions bottle up inside a human being they cause tension. As tension builds up, you start to find it difficult to sleep, maintain a healthy appetite or manage relationships. Tension can also lead to headaches and sore muscles. If you also find that you are constantly irritable, you may be suffering from the consequences of a buildup of tension. Incense can help you release all this tension. When you start burning incense, it will not be long before you start feeling as if a load has been lifted off your shoulders. You will start to feel better both emotionally and physically. When you do not have bottled up emotions you will discover that you are no longer over reacting and your relationships with others improve. You will start to feel happier and when you are happier, you tend to start attracting happy people.

Find inspiration naturally

Incense helps to purify both the mind and body by assisting you to calm your nerves and find the inner peace that many find so elusive. When you have energy, your body is at peace with both itself and the environment and your mind is relaxed; inspiration comes naturally. In order to be inspired, your mind and body need to be alert to the opportunities available in both the physical and spiritual environment.

The fact that the use of essence has withstood the ages in different societies with unique cultures and beliefs is a testimony to the power of its properties. Whether you want to relax your mind, heal a broken soul, enhance your spiritual journey or release emotions that gradually bottle up inside you, burning essence can prove to be your simple, yet effective answer.


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