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Plug into Nature

Plug into Nature.

If you’ve ever experienced the thrill of feeding a wild animal in its own environment, then you know how it feels to plug in to nature. Connecting with nature can have a profound effect on us in a variety of ways.

Have you ever wondered why athletes train in the rain, rather than workout inside? How about the hiker who spends his entire summer hiking the Appalachian Trail and camping under the stars? Perhaps they know something the rest of the population does not; perhaps they know the values of plugging in to nature.

According to some outdoor enthusiasts, such as www.TheTrek.co, the list of healthy freebies we gain from being in nature are many:

  • Vitamin D
  • Improved eye health
  • Clean air
  • Better sleep
  • Grounding
  • Fitness
  • Mental Health


The benefits can all be explained scientifically, based on our own needs and imbalances, albeit somewhat difficult to measure or prove. Nonetheless, we can accept that living things are contrived of energy–positive and negative ions. These energies interact with each other when they converge. Some spiritualists will attest to being able to see auras around living entities, such as trees, creatures, other humans, etc. These are energy fields. The benefits of walking barefoot on the beach are quite profound: the sand has a greater negativity than our bodies and when we increase our negative charge, we feel more energized, balanced and thus calmer.  Some claim that this reaction can have an anti-inflammatory effect on our bodies too, in addition to the other advantages listed above.


For many, there are challenges to being in nature, based on our lifestyles, demands of work and family, access to nature and often just not enough time to be in nature long enough to reap the benefits. Those who live in colder climate have added challenges during the winter months to not only get outside, but also to allow for the absorption of Vitamin D and extended periods of outdoor exercise. The combat these challenges, adopt the mindset that ‘some is better than none.’ Time spent out-of-doors, away from the confines of an indoor environment will reduce such as Computer Vision Syndrome, (CVS) which exhibit symptoms such as, blurry vision, dry, fatigued eyes, neck and shoulder tension. Natural light can also counter depression. Live plants, even in pots placed around your home, clean the air by ingesting CO2 (which we exhale) and emitting oxygen, which we humans require to breathe.


Explore the many ways that bringing nature into your everyday can play out into positives. Small measures, such as the smells of nature, such as lavender oil in your bath to soothe your busy mind, sandalwood to improve your memory, musk to spice up your libido. These are all elements from nature, that bring value into our daily lives, are easily incorporated and affordable. Once nature becomes an evident instigator to bringing positive value to your life, discovering additional means and methods will likely surprise you.



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