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Should Incense Be Used In Yoga?

Should Incense Be Used In Yoga?

When it comes to the use of incense in Yoga, the advice you get is so wide you end up confused. Some will tell you that there is no room for incense in Yoga because its use will distract your attention while meditating. In other quarters you will hear that Yoga is not complete without incense. This article attempts to look at the relationship between Yoga and incense. It argues that incense and Yoga go together like birds of the same feather. It will end by looking at some tips you can follow in order to ensure that when you use incense in your Yoga sessions, you get the maximum benefit.

Incense and Yoga Are Willing Partners

Ask any avid user of incense why they believe in it, and they will tell you that one of the reasons is because it has proved effective in aiding not only concentration but also focus. The word concentration was an important one in the discussion on Yoga above; it is also becoming an important one when discussing the benefits of incense here.

The use of particular incenses is known to help the mind to think clearly and also help the user to gain a state of complete awareness.  Its ability to help in concentration is why incense is used widely to help workers who work in professions where great amounts of concentration are required. Such jobs include jewelry makers, those who repair watches, and anyone working with intricate financial models. This level of concentration is the same as that which is required in the practice of Yoga.

The Connection Between Yoga And Spiritualism

The power behind the scent produced by incense can uplift your spirit and transform the energy in a room. Incense has been used for religious and spiritual purposes for hundreds of years.  Its spiritual uses have involved appeasing the gods, in whatever form they come. If you visit India, you will soon learn that spiritualists used to and still practice yoga as part of their spiritual regiment. This is proof that Yoga and incense have found themselves together in more instances than one.
In order for Yoga to be practiced successfully, the atmosphere need not just be calm and divine, it also needs to be spiritual. This is where your incense comes in. It helps create this calm spiritual atmosphere on which Yoga depends to be successful.

Know The Incense That Works For You

The reason why many people would argue that incense messes up with their concentration is that many have not invested time in learning which fragrances work for them. They also do not take care to find out what is contained in the incense sticks they buy. The fact that the person who sells you the stick you buy calls it incense does not mean that it is good incense. This is the reason why you want to buy yours from reputable suppliers.

If you want to know the best fragrance for you, you can request, from your supplier, a sample kit. Once you have this you can take time to burn one stick at a time for about ten minutes. The reason behind this is that you are looking for a feel of the fragrance. While the sample stick is burning, all you need to do is to relax and watch how your emotions respond to that particular fragrance you are burning. It is not difficult to know the fragrance that will be right for you during your Yoga session. The fragrance that invokes, in you, feelings of happiness is the fragrance you should go with.

Tips On Making Incense Work For You During Yoga Sessions

When purchasing your incense sticks to use for your Yoga session, remember to avoid those that are made from toxic substances. This goes back to the advice that you should only buy from reputable suppliers. Also, avoid incense manufactured using punk sticks. The danger with these sticks is that they can cause health complications including irritation of the nasal passage, throat problems, and headaches.
The short answer to the question, should incense be used during Yoga? is a resounding yes. The atmosphere that incense creates allows for Yoga to be practiced with more success.



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