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Foods To Detox The Body And The Mind

Whether you have used incense for years or it is something you are contemplating starting, you probably know that it has great qualities to detox the mind and lead you to a state of calmness. There are many benefits that come with a mind that is detoxed. It can make you feel more positive and healthier on the overall. It also has qualities to heal the body and release you from emotional stress. However, a healthy mind should live in a healthy body. This means that no matter how healthy your mind is, if your body is not healthy, you may not benefit fully from using incense.  The aim of this month’s article is to look at how you can detox the body with what you put in your mouth.
You have probably heard that no matter how much you exercise if you put the wrong stuff in your mouth, you may as well be taking all your exercise and throwing it down the drain. The same thing applies to the use of incense. No matter how much you detox your mind, if your body is intoxicated with the wrong stuff, then you may as well be wasting the money you are using to buy your incense sticks. Check out the following list of foods that can help detox your body.

Lemon: The Magic Fruit

Lemon may have a sour taste, but there is certainly nothing sour about what it can do to detox your body. This is the reasons why the people at your favorite spa swear by it. Lemon, just like all the other citrus fruits, contains the antioxidant de-limonene. This powerful compound helps to stimulate the liver enzymes that are known for flushing toxins out of the body. These enzymes also help to relieve sluggish bowels. Starting each day with a glass of lemon water and having another 8 during the days may just be what the doctor has ordered.

Almonds: The Tool For The Liver

A night out drinking with friends does not only leave you feeling tipsy and with a handover, it can be a sure way of creating a little extra fat. After some time of drinking and overeating, you may not see it, but some fat will start to deposit around your liver. The risk of liver cancer becomes higher. Do not panic yet, just get some almonds. A handful a day will help clean the deposits out. Research published in the Journal of The National Cancer Institute indicates that those who consumed just around 16 mg a day of almonds reduce their risk of cancer by up to half.

Tea: The Magic Beverage

There is a reason why tea is so popular. It has proved itself as a way of soothing nerves over the ages. Even though all tea will have an effect on calming your nerves, it is white tea that has proved to benefit you more when it comes to detoxing and fighting that dreaded belly fat. White tea helps burn fat by doing two main things; boosting lipolysis (the process of breaking down fat) and stopping adipogenesis (the process through which fats are formed) in its tracks.

Wild Salmon: Clearing The Traffic

This one is helpful, especially for someone also attempting to detoxify by stopping smoking. If you have any stiffness of the arteries caused by smoking, this can be alleviated by a diet rich in omega-3 fatty acids found in salmon. This will help to clear your arteries so that your blood cells do not have to put up with unnecessary blockages as it travels to vital organs of the body.

Curry Powder: The Friend Of The Liver

The spice curry powder is made from the main ingredient turmeric. Turmeric gets its famous yellow color from a compound known as curcumin. Curcumin is famous, in holistic medicine for its ability to cure digestive disorders and issues that have to do with the liver. Adding curry powder to your food also allows you to benefit from its anti-inflammatory qualities. It is also known for the production of glutathione, which is effective in protecting the liver. So, go ahead, sprinkle curry powder on any food you can.

Cabbage: Gives Notice To Excess Body Fluids

Cabbage is a water-based food that will help expel those excess fluids the body does not need. It is able to do this because it contains glucosinolates. These are organic compounds rich in sulfur and nitrogen known for their ability to flush out any unwanted toxins. Cabbage also comes with a lot of other needed vitamins, folic acid, and dietary fiber.
There are many other foods that can help you detoxify your body which you can try. When you then use your incense to detoxify your mind, you know that you have a healthy mind on a healthy a body. This could be the beginning of a holistic approach to keeping your body and mind in the right state.


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